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A sacrifice shouldered - The Age
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Embracing the F word - The Age
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Shunned in a strange land - The Age
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Kep Enderby Memorial Lecture.docx
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The Kep Enderby Memorial Lecture, Human Rights Commission 2021


The Australian Human Rights Commission has established the Kep Enderby Memorial Lecture to honour the memory of the Hon. Kep Enderby QC, who as Attorney-General was instrumental in bringing about the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth), Australia’s first federal human rights and anti-discrimination legislation.


The Lecture is delivered annually by a leading figure to advance public understanding and debate about racism, race relations and the Racial Discrimination Act.

Melbourne University Graduation Address 2008
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Women and the Law
Speech given at the Victorian Women Lawyers' Association International Women's Day Breakfast 2007
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Multicultural Women's Day Address
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Address to Victorian College of Pharmacy Students 2008
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