On this page you will find teaching notes for all of Alice's books, as well as interviews, curriculum questions and additional resources.

One Hundred Days - Teaching Notes

Christine Davey-White has compiled these excellent, chapter by chapter teaching notes for One Hundred Days, and they can be downloaded here.



Unpolished Gem - Teaching Notes

Professor Pam Macintyre from the University of Melbourne has written extensive teacher's notes for Unpolished Gem, which can be accessed here.

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Unpolished Gem Interview Questions - National Curriculum

Unpolished Gem interview with the author - Questions and Answers 2014
Unpolished Gem Questions for Alice Pun
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Growing Up Asian in Australia - Teaching Notes

Laura Gordon has written extensive teaching notes for Growing Up Asian In Australia

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Original Introduction to Growing Up Asian In Australia
"I wrote this original introduction to Growing Up Asian in Australia, but it was a little too 'academic' and political to be the preface of a book that was intended to be sold in general bookstores and airport lounges. However, since its release, Growing Up Asian has become a text at high schools and universities, so I include it here for student who would like to explore the issues of identity, history and politics at a deeper level." - ed.
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Growing Up Asian in Australia - Interview with the editor
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Her Father's Daughter - Teaching notes

Her Father's Daughter was a book that took Alice over ten years to write.


It explores the love between a daughter who is struggling to be independent, and a father who is a survivor of genocide.


Alice writes about how she came to find the heartbeat of the book in the article below.

Her Father's Daughter Teaching Notes
Professor Pam Macintrye has written these extensive teaching notes for Her Father's Daughter, which can be downloaded here.
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Writing about my Father
An essay published in Westerly Magazine and the Best Australian Essays 2013
Her Father's Daughter Westerley.docx
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Guernica Magazine - 'Executing History'

A link to an article on writing about the Killing Field era: http://www.guernicamag.com/daily/alice_pung_executing_history/

Laurinda - Teaching notes

Laura Gordon has produced excellent and comprehensive teaching notes for Laurinda which can be accessed below, along with Australian Curriculum Questions and interviews.

Laurinda Teaching Notes
Laurinda teaching notes.pdf
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Laurinda Australian Curriculum Questions
Interview with Alice Pung by Laura Gordon
Laurinda - Australian Curriculum Questio
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be careful, xiao xin - teaching notes

The teaching notes for Be Careful, Xiao Xin can be accessed in the HarperCollins Teacher's Hub:


Be Careful, Xiao Xin! – Teachers’ Hub (teachershub.com.au)





Other Resources

Interview with Alice Pung 2008
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