Residency Inside a Dog!

Hi everyone,

This month I've have a blogging residency at the State Library of Victoria's YA site, Inside a Dog. You can find the blog here: 

It is actually quite challenging to blog twice a week, different from keeping a private diary where you can be as insular as you like. But it has been a lot of fun - I wrote about how I write, why I write, why I love John Marsden, the sort of YA books I love, my first career aspiration and my publishing failure (complete with embarrassing illustrations!).

I'm so excited that my new book Laurinda has come out this month, and grateful for the wonderful feedback from my YA readers! THANKS A MILLION!

Alice :-)

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    Tammy (Wednesday, 29 October 2014 04:30)

    Congratulations Alice! Come to Canberra sometime!